Shadow on water is a puppet show based on Maurice Meterlink's stunning play “Pelléas & Mélisande”. Here the shadowy atmosphere of the story unfolds with Puppets who are surrounded by water and glass and we see how puppeteers get tangled with the story they tell so their life is impressed by gloomy atmosphere of the castle, the well and the ocean.


Prince Golaud meets a strange, beautiful girl named Mélisande in a forest and takes her home as his wife to a loan castle, but there an uncanny relationship starts to grow between Mélisande and Golaud's half brother Pelléas ...

performed at

Arasbaran Cultural Center, Tehran, 2017 (April 25 - May 10)


puppeteers: Fahimeh Abedini, Sadeq Sadeqi-poor
director: Fahimeh Abedini
puppet designer: Fahimeh Abedini
scenery, lighting & graphic: Sadeq Sadeqi poor


duration: 30 minutes
audience suitability: adults
venue: black-box
stage size: min 4m [wide] x 3.5m [height] x 5m [depth]
touring member: 3
more info & booking:

-- Interview with Fahime Abedini | by Parand Mohammadi


full performance - 2017
Shadow on water - poster