family - 40 min
paper puppet show
available for touring


Based on

Alexander Pushkin’s “Ruslan & Lyudmila”

-- The story begins with a wedding ceremony. Simin and Farzan are about to marry. There are two other rival-suiters too who are in love with Simin and wish to marry her. Suddenly an unexpected thing happens and Simin is gone. So Farzan and the two other rivals start a journey to find her.

adults - 40 min
table-top puppet show
available for touring


Based on

Maurice Meterlink's “Pelléas & Mélisande”

-- Prince Golaud meets a strange, beautiful girl named Melisande in a forest and takes her home as his wife to a loan castle, but there an uncanny relationship starts to grow between Melisande and Golaud's half brother Pelleas ...

Maahee Group is an Iranian puppet theatre company founded in 2017 though it's members have been active in puppetry world since 2000 when they started to study Puppet theatre at Tehran University and began to experience the beautiful and magical world of puppets as puppeteers, puppet makers, writers, directors and actors in several puppet shows.
MaaHee is fascinated by incredible amazing atmosphere created by puppets and is keen to communicate people through Puppet shows.

MaaHee is interested in storytelling with Puppets and adapting wonderful literal and musical pieces from around the world to Puppet shows and has adapted pieces such as
Carl Orff’s Carmina Burana
Alexander Pushkin’s  Ruslan & Lyudmila
Sophocles’s Antigone
Maurice Meterlink’s  Pelléas & Mélisande
and the story of Adam & Eve from the Book of Genesis.

MaaHee participated in 52nd Puppet festiva PIF Zagreb, Croatia, September 2019 with the show  Simin and Farzan and won two prizes:
-- The prize for wholesome artistic impression
-- The prize for alive and direct music interpretation.
# MaaHee means fish in Farsi
We believe in agility of fish as a necessary characteristic for facing ups and downs of life and we wish to be nimble puppeteers like fish to amaze the audience.