"The color of desire" is a paper puppet show based on “Haj Barikalla”, a story written by the Iranian author, Mihan Bahrami (1947-2017). Here we want to take you back to 150 years ago, to an old house in Tehran, with puppets which come out of an old chest and a woman who narrates a story of her adolesence days among other women in that house.
The story circles around a Ta'zieh (a traditional Iranian religious drama) singer, so we have a lot of Iranina traditional music in the show.


The story is about a girl who lives in one of Qajar princes's house, who has three wives and each has her own desire. She observes them speaking ardently about a man, "Haj Barikalla", who is a great and celebrated Ta'zieh singer.
Khan (the husband) has forbidden the women to go and watch Ta'zieh but the tragedy happens when Khan finaly allows them to go.

performed at

18th Puppet Festival: Tehran-Mobarak, 2021


puppeteers: Marziye Sarmashghi, Sadeq Sadeqi poor
director: Fahimeh Abedini
author: Mihan Bahrami
puppet designer: Raf’at Hashemi-Sisakht
scenery: Raf’at Hashemi-Sisakht, Sadeq Sadeqi poor, Babak Javanmard
mix and mastering: Sadeq Sadeqi poor
Graphic designer: Ziya Nouri
Amir-Hossein Ensafi, Abed Atashani, Mohamad-Reza Maleki, Milad Ramezani, Maryam Ashuri, Marzieh Sramashghi, Hengameh Sazesh, Melahat Akhlaghi, Sadeq Sadeqi poor, Fahime Abedini


duration: 30 minutes
audience suitability: adults
venue: black-box
stage size: min 5m [wide] x 4m [height] x 4m [depth]
touring member: 4
more info & booking:

-- A note about "The color of desire" | by Mohammad A'lami
-- Interview with Fahime Abedini

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